Slackware Multiboot: Tricking the installer

Slackware Multiboot: Tricking the installer The slackware installer setup is self-explanatory, except for multiple boot systems. It looks for an EFI boot partition, formatted FAT 32, and will use the first one it finds. This is a problem if you already have another Linux or Windows installed. I don’t like to share /boot partitions between distros and certainly not with Windows. But there’s a workaround: boot your Slackware iso usb mount your / partition to /mnt mkdir /mnt/boot/efi mount your desired /boot partition to /mnt/boot/efi start the installer setup and go through the first steps including selecting the partitions BEFORE installing the packages, return to the terminal [ctl]-[alt]-[F2] and see if the slack installer has mounted a /boot/efi partition it shouldn’t have unmount umount the incorrect /boot/efi partition but leave the correct one mounted return to the installer [ctl]-[alt]-[F7] and proceed with install - it will use the mounted /boot/efi partition after installation, correct /etc/fstab so the /boot/efi entry (e.