I’ve driven a lot of distros (my fellow distro hoppers will understand this) but my favorite remains Slackware. There is a mountain of opinion around the web for and against, so I’ll save you about a year of your life weighing the pros and cons and simply quote Dr. Zeuss: “You don’t like it, so you say? Try it! Try it, and you may!”

  1. slackdocs is simply invaluable and and there’s no subtitute for reading it.

  2. Slackware_Current is the development branch, but I find it’s plenty stable for daily driver use, and it gets regular updates and the latest kernels. There is an iso of Current available here (the slackware mirrors only have up to 14.2 isos).

  3. 14.2 is the latest LTS release. I run it on my desktop, and I’m very happy with it. It was fussy about my laptops since the older kernel (4.4) did not recognize certain hardware.

  4. slackbuilds is the place to find third party software for 14.2. There’s also a github repo with software that’s being tested with Current and thus may have been updated more recently.